December 7, 2024 



The club usually sponsors two craft fairs at Whitnall High School (Greenfield) each year, one on the first Saturday in December and another in the early spring, usually 2 weeks before Easter.  These events raise funds that, in turn, are returned to the communities through student scholarships and assistance to various non-profit organizations.

    Crafters are encouraged to participate in either or both of Whitnall Park Rotary Club's craft fairs.  
    Consult the accompanying downloadable documents for additional information.
Fair is open to the public from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.
(donation of $4; children 10 or younger, free)
Attendance  March 2024     1076
Attendance December 2023     2071
Attendance March 2023   CANCELLED-- snow storm
Attendance December 2022   2052
Attendance April 2022    1203
Attendance December 2021     2105 
Attendance March 2021  CANCELLED-- COVID
Attendance December 2020  CANCELLED--COVID
Attendance March 2020  CANCELLED--COVID
Attendance at December 2019 Fair     1798
Attendance at March 2019 Fair    840
Attendance at December 2018 Fair      1958 
Attendance at March 2018 Fair  1026
Attendance at the Dec 2017 Fair 1733
At the December craft fair, kids can tell Santa what they want for Christmas, and have their pictures taken with him too.
Plenty of food vendors--this gentleman dressed the part as he sold a variety of seasonings for spreads and dips.


Crafter 5 

Concessions go beyond popcorn and soda.  There are breakfast and lunch items, milk and water.