The Rotary International Global Grant that Whitnall Park Rotary Club has been involved with in Tepeaqua, El Salvador has had 3 phases. The estimated total cost of the project is $280,000.

Phase 1 ---  a water well was drilled.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Phase 2 ---  the necessary piping and equipment to supply 150 households with water including trenching to bury the pipes.                                                                                                          Phase 3 ---  piping, equipment and trenching for the rest of the community.  Building 260 latrines.  Some management projects.

We have partnered with the Rotary Club of South Salvador and with Atonement Lutheran Church of Muskego. The project has been very challenging due to a number of reasons including language, politics, and supply chain .

As of this date, the final Global Grant has been fully funded and has been sent to Rotary International for approval. Once RI approves the final application, the funds will be forwarded to RI and then sent on to El Salvador.  It is hoped the medical and political situations will allow area funders to travel to El Salvador to participate in the project's completion.